St. Thomas, here we come!

I am a Type A personality and a planner.  I am constantly thinking about what needs to be done next and how I can organize those tasks into a doable “to do” list.  I love the feeling of constantly checking items off as I go and I feel accomplished.

Today was my day off work, yet I’d say that I got a fair amount crossed off my to-do list.  I got our passports, stopped by AAA to ask about travelers’ checks (just so you know, no one uses them anymore) and Verizon to talk about using our smart phones out of the country.

You see, my husband and I are getting ready to finally take our honeymoon at the end of this month – we’ve been married for six months now.  We took a mini-moon to San Diego right after our wedding but wanted to have a bigger trip to look forward to as we settled into our first year of marriage.  We are headed to St. Thomas, one of the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands.

Marriott Frenchmans Cove - St. ThomasThis past week, I had a work trip to Lake Tahoe and decided to leave my suitcase out until our trip so that I could “make peace” with it.  I figure if I stare at it for long enough, it will just pack itself, but more realistically, as the week goes on, I’ll throw some clothes inside, giving me some time to “edit” my choices before zipping it up and heading to the airport. To prepare for this trip I’ve even pinned instructions on how to pack for a two week tropical vacation.  (My inner planner is showing …)

I am looking forward to this time to spend with my husband so that we can take some time to reconnect and relax and truly enjoy our time spent together as newlyweds.  We’ve already looked over some of the excursions and found ones we’d be interested in doing, but I am going to do my best to let go, go with the flow and forget about planning for a week and do my best to be in each moment with my husband.

St. Thomas, here we come!


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