Finding My Happy Place

These days, we all spend so much of our time in the hustle and bustle of life.  We get caught up in our “to do” lists and don’t give ourselves much permission to just breathe, just be or even relax.  Most of us rarely take a vacation, even when we are in desperate need. So when life gets so hectic that I can’t seem to keep up, I close my eyes, make the effort to slow myself down and transport myself to my happy place …. my own private tropical island.

I picture myself sitting in the cool, soft sand, where the warm, bath-like water calmly laps up to my feet.  I can hear the palm trees rustle as I feel  soft breeze flow lightly past me. Being able to feel the breeze on my face is by far the best feeling in the world and one that makes me know I’m alive.  The sun peeks in through the branches of the palm tree and it feels so warm against my skin.  I listen to the waves and the birds as I lose myself in my surroundings. I even spend time talking with God.  He sits in the sand next to me and we spend time catching up.  He knows my heart and always helps make my burden light.

Suddenly, my “to do” list is a distant memory as I strive to be in the moment, appreciating and thanking God for all that I have been blessed with.  I become hyper-aware of all that is going on around me and yet completely content with exactly where I’m at, at the same time.

This escape to my own private island seems like I’ve been there, relaxing for hours, but in reality, I was able to get a few cherished minutes to revitalize myself so that I can continue on with my day and with my week.




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