We recently got back from our honeymoon to St. Thomas. We were able to get away for nine days to relax and unwind of all of the stresses of life and just enjoy being married and all that we have accomplished together in our six months of marriage. We were also able to detox from technology too because our phones didn’t work down there … oh darn.

This trip was also a chance for me to remove all of the stress and overwhelmingness of my job and the layers of day-to-day life that had accumulated. It didn’t come easy. The first day or two, I found myself looking forward to what was next to do and thinking beyond where I was in that moment.

About the third day, I think I finally lost track of what day it was and knew that relaxation started to settle in. I had read a book or two, which is a huge deal because I am definitely not a reader. One book stood out in particular to me. I had picked it up awhile ago but never got around to reading it. I think God had a better plan and allowed me to find this book to take on our trip because He knew I’d have the time and energy to focus on not only reading the book but letting it absorb into my being.

The book is Hands Free Life by Rachel Macy Stafford. I wasn’t sure that I fully understood what she was saying so I actually read it twice. It identifies nine habits for overcoming distraction, living better and loving more … and who wouldn’t want a life like that instead of our technology-driven, overwhelmed and overworked world?!

This undistracted, fully present person is definitely who I want to become. I have accepted that I will be a work in progress for quite some time as I do my best to step away from my Type A personality. I am going resist that urge to be present in the future instead of where I should be planted … firmly in this moment.


Finding Clarity

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